The influence of climate change on the Rio de la Plata and its morphodynamics, using Delft3D to asses different climate scenarios

For the past 5 weeks I have been studying at IMFIA, the purpose of my visit was to gain understanding of the Rio de la Plata system with its different forcers, such as discharge, wind and the tide. I set up a Delft3D model (hydrodynamics as well as morphodynamics) of the estuary and the Rio Parana and Rio Uruguay until their tidal limits. All the local knowledge and data has helped me a lot to make choices regarding my modelling domain and the climate change scenarios. I would like to show you which choices I made based on the data analysis and which climate scenarios I want to test back home in The Netherlands. All feedback is welcome of course!


After all the nice Uruguayan food, I will bring some traditional Dutch pie to the presentation :)