About us

The HPC group was created in 1993, in the Numerical Computing Center (Centro de Cálculo, CeCal) of the Engineering Faculty, University of the Republic, Uruguay. The main objective of the working group was to perform research and teaching activities in the areas of parallel computing, computer networks and distributed systems, as well as its application for solving engineering problems.

The HPC group evolved in different stages since its creation. In 18 years, we have been able to strengthen our position as a research group and to assemble the computing platform that allowed us to achieve three main objectives: i) to implement a course for presenting the basic concepts of applied parallel computing, spreading the parallel processing technologies and instructing students and researchers in the parallel and distributed computing paradigm (the High Performance Computing course); ii) to offer to other research groups (inside and outside our Faculty) a service to improve the execution of applications with high computation demand ("parallelizing" the applications, or applying techniques to improve the performance), and iii) to extend the staff working in this area of research, allowing facing more ambitiuos problems, new areas of research and publishing the results in conferences and journals.

Almost twenty years away from the pioneer initiative, a retrospective view shows that the group was able to progressively accomplish those three main objectives: the High Performance Computing course is firmly consolidated (it has been uninterruptedly offered for 18 years, and it is valid as graduate and postgraduate course on Informatics), we have a laboratory for research on parallel processing that allows the execution of highly demanding applications (clusters, shared-memory multiprocessors and GPU platforms), and we also have been able to extend the research staff, allowing to diversify the studying areas and to confront several applications of parallel processing techniques (working in our own projects, or in joint projects with other departments or institutions), offering the services of numerical modeling, high performance execution and code parallelization.