MINA research group

Network Management / Artificial Intelligence


Cyber-Physical Systems

Experts in robotics, communications systems, multi-agent systems, sensor networks, applied AI, embedded systems, and autonomous systems met in the MINA research group. In short, the group brings together researchers from the main Cyber-Physical Systems disciplines (CPS), which integrate computing, networks, and physical processes, with feedback loops where physical processes impact on computation processes and vice versa.

The main challenge is to combine abstractions that have evolved over centuries to model physical systems (e.g., differential equations and stochastic processes), with computer science abstractions with some decades of evolution (algorithms and programs), which provide an "epistemology of procedures", going from the experimental sciences notion of "what is it" to that of "how it is done".

Without pursuing it, the MINA group has faced most of the CPS methodological difficulties since its creation in 2003, based on the initial experience in mobile robotics and network management (hence the non-acronym MINA - Network Management / Artificial Intelligence). Based on this experience, the development of a research line specifically dedicated to the fundamental aspects of the CPS has been identified as a necessity, as well as another devoted to IoT (a CPS emerging application), and the development of its existing lines under the methodological framework of the CPS. The economic and social potential of these systems is enormous and is attracting attention from industry and academia worldwide. Our research work seeks to have an impact on areas in active development and the social and productive impact such as automation, IoT, smart cities, agriculture, among other fields of application, which are beginning to materialize in our country.

MINA group is currently funded by CSIC for the period April 2019 - March 2023, under the the R&D groups program. This is the work plan (in spanish).


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