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Jorge Visca

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Oficina: 016
Teléfono Interno: 12016

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Año de Publicación: 2019

Visca, J., M. Richart, and J. Baliosian, "Stochastic Models for Opportunistic Networks", 2019 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshop (WCNCW), Marrakech, Morocco, 2019.

Año de Publicación: 2017

Richart, M., J. Visca, and J. Baliosian, "Image Colorization with Neural Networks", XIII Workshop de Visão Computacional (WVC 2017) , Natal, Brazil, IEEE, 11/2017.  Descargar: wvc_paper.pdf (2.39 MB)

Año de Publicación: 2015

Richart, M., J. Visca, and J. Baliosian, "Rate, power and carrier-sense threshold coordinated management for high-density IEEE 802.11 networks", Integrated Network Management (IM), 2015 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on, pp. 139-146, May, 2015.

Año de Publicación: 2014

Richart, M., J. Visca, and J. Baliosian, "Self Management of Rate, Power and Carrier-Sense Threshold for Interference Mitigation in IEEE 802.11 Networks", 10th International Conference on Network and Service Management, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11/2014.

Año de Publicación: 2011

Baliosian, J., J. Visca, M. Richart, G. Apollonia, L. Vidal, M. Giachino, and E. Grampín, "Self-managed content-based routing for opportunistic networks", Integrated Network Management (IM), 2011 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on: IEEE, pp. 121–128, 2011.
Visca, J., G. Apollonia, M. Richart, J. Baliosian, and E. Grampín, "Embedded Rule-based Management for Content-based DTNs", Advances in Network-Embedded Management and Applications: Springer, pp. 87–100, 2011.

Año de Publicación: 2010

Giachino, M., J. Baliosian, E. Grampín, and J. Visca, "DEMOS Mobility Model", Proceedings of the 2010 6th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications, Washington, DC, USA, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 177–184, 2010.