2011 Summary Butiá challenge

De Proyecto Butiá
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Butiá activities in the 2011 robotic event

Basic Butiá challenge
Basic Butiá challenge
Basic Butiá challenge
Basic Butiá challenge
25 de agosto team
workshop with gabriel
The butia zone, with turtleart stopwatch
Valentin giving a note to the "el canal de los niños"
Colonia team"

The last 16 and 17 of September was the robotic event called [1] organized by the public Uruguayan faculty of engineering. In this event there were two challenges for the butiá robot [2], were schools from Uruguay come to participate with the robots we gave them last year, showing the great work that they were doing.
One of this challenges was the "basic butia" [3] wich consist in the implementation of a line follower robot wich must be able to evade obstacles. The arena was of 3.20 x 3 meters size.
Arena butia.jpg Liceo1 colonia.JPG
Most of the participating schools used the butiá plugin for turtleArt [4]. All of them participated with XO 1.0 and 1.5, showing how to transform an XO into a mobile robot.
There also was an advanced challenge wich consisted in classificating "products". This problem was modeled with a sumo dojho wich was the "clasification area" from where the robot must not fall, and small colored cubes. The green cubes represent good product and the red cubes the one with failures, so the robot must try to carry outside de clasification area the bad products and keep inside the good ones. [5] This challenge was resolved by the students using the followMe plugin [6] showing that the XO computer has usefull sensors for robotics like the webcam.

The time was counted by a stopWatch that was also made using TurtleArt [7] ;) The day after we give some workshops for children who wanted to learn robot programming using turtleArt. They came with their own XO computers to work and transform it in a mobile robot.
The butiá project is opensource and can be downloaded from our git in sourceforge [8] Also don't forget to join our facebook site [9] and mailing list [10] we are looking forward to find software and hardware developers that want to participate in this project.