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[http://walterbender.org/?p=686 Resúmen hecho por walter bender acerca del evento]
[http://walterbender.org/?p=686 Resúmen hecho por walter bender acerca del evento]
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Revisión del 17:50 25 oct 2013

The workshop was very productive for the kids and for our groups (butiá/juky). We worked together and we were able to share not only ideas, but it bring us together, as one big community. The kids seemed to enjoy very much the activity. Even though they had little time to use the robots they were able to experiment some high level programming concepts as conditionals and control structures. We met a very large number of kids, aproximately 70 and with only 12 robots, but they made small groups in order to be able to use them. To make a good use of the little time we had, we offered them our machines with turtlebots already installed, but they refused to use them and wanted to have turtlebots installed on their own machines. They wanted to feel that their computer were turning into a robot. When the workshop was over, the kids still wanted to continue working with the robots and we ended up with a group of fifteen kids that wanted to take the robots to their homes.

Resúmen hecho por walter bender acerca del evento nota de prensa en sugarlabs