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Arity/Prolog32-compatible lint tool

Arity/Prolog32 is still today one of the most powerful prolog compilers (at least in terms of speed). However, it's lint tool (ALint) is provided only in a 16-bit executable, thus it cannot be used in modern computers (x64 architecture).
BLint is a small lint tool written in prolog and compatible with Arity Prolog syntax (including snips [!, !], nonstandard builtin predicates, etc). It should also work with programs written for other prolog interpreters/compilers.
BLint is provided as a 32-bit executable and also in full source form. The internal parsing generated by BLint might be used as a basis for a prolog compiler.

Download BLint executable (compiled with SWI Prolog)

BLint readme file

Download BLint prolog sources (SWI & Sicstus compatible)

Revision history:

Version 1.0

June 22, 2009

Version 1.1

December 22, 2009



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