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Adjunct Professor (Profesor Adjunto) / SNI researcher level 1
Head of MISEs research group,
Structures Department , Facultad de Ingeniería
Universidad de la República
Montevideo, Uruguay.

e-mail: jorgepz [at] fing [dot] edu [dot] uy

Lead developer of ONSAS: an Open Nonlinear Structural Analysis Solver.


Doctorate in Engineering, Universidad de la República, Uruguay.
(ANII scholarship). Thesis pdf
Master in Mechanical Engineering, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
(CNPq scholarship). Dissertation bib
2008 Jan-May
Research Internship (MSc), at TAO, INRIA, LRI, Université Paris Sud XI, France.
Structural Civil Engineer, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay.


Five selected journal publications

M. Forets, D. Freire Caporale, J. M. Pérez Zerpa, Combining Set Propagation with Finite Element Methods for Time Integration in Transient Solid Mechanics Problems, Computers & Structures, , preprint bib ,
J. M. Pérez Zerpa, G. D. Maso Talou, P. J. Blanco, A new robust formulation for optical-flow/material identification problems, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering,
J. M. Pérez Zerpa, P. Castrillo, V. Baño, Development of a method for the identification of elastoplastic properties of timber and its application to the mechanical characterisation of Pinus taeda, Journal Construction and Building Materials,
Jorge M. Pérez Zerpa, Alfredo Canelas, Efficient formulations of the material identification problem using full-field measurements, Computational Mechanics
J.M. Pérez Zerpa, A. Canelas, B. Sensale, D. Bia Santana, R.L. Armentano, Modeling the arterial wall mechanics using a novel high-order viscoelastic fractional element, Journal of Applied Mathematical Modelling,

Graduate course Book

Juan Bruno Bazzano, Jorge Pérez Zerpa, Introdución al Análisis No Lineal de Estructuras, Facultad de Ingeniería, 2017. pdf

Book chapter

Auger, A. , Hansen, N. , Perez Zerpa, J.M., Ros, R. and Schoenauer, M.
Experimental comparisons of several derivative free optimization algorithms. Experimental Algorithms (Lecture Notes in Computer Science - Jan Vahrenhold ed.), Springer Heidelberg, Berlin 2009. url



Codes for undergraduate students

  • Finite Element Method beam example M-file .m
  • Finite Element Method 2D plain state example M-file octave
  • Finite Element Method 2D thin plate example M-file bib



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