HFusion: a tool for fusing recursive programs

Head researcher: Alberto Pardo

About HFusion

HFusion is a tool in ongoing development for transforming automatically functional programs to make them more efficient. Our transformations are based on a technique known as fusion which reduces the amount of memory requested by a program by eliminating the uses of intermediate data structures associated to compositions of functions. The reduction in memory usage often implies speed improvements since less time has to be invested in memory management.

The tool transforms (a subset of) Haskell programs into Haskell programs. You can try it on your own programs through this web interface, and it is also available as a library at hackage.

We offer some benchmarks here:

For a gentle and brief introduction to HFusion we suggest the reading of [1]. For a more in-depth explanation of the internals, please, see [2].


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To be published by ACM.

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