Ana Karina González de los Santos

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Instituto de Matemática y Estadística Prof. Ing. Rafael Laguardia (IMERL)

Facultad de Ingeniería 
Herrera y  Reissing 565,  Montevideo, Uruguay

Tel.: (598) 2711 06 21,    (598) 2711 44 62 Int 120.
Fax.: (598) 2711 06 21 Int 117


Research interests:

Frobenius algebras and nearly Frobenius algebras.  Quivers, path algebras and gentle algebras. Topological Quantum Field Theories.








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Responsible of the next activities:

Seminar of Algebra

The algebra seminar is a regular activity of the group of algebra of the institucion (IMERL).

The purpose of this seminar is to talk about the topics of investigation of  any participant of the activity. 

In the last year we have a great number of talks, some of them by guest researchers.

In the nexts lines I describe the principal topics of the seminar.


Seminar of Minimal Models

Postgraduate seminar based on the books: Rational Homotopy Theory of Félix, Halperin and Thomas and Algebraic Models in Geometry, Félix, Oprea and Tanré.


Teacher evaluation

Geometría y álgebra lineal 2. S2-2012.

Geometría y álgebra lineal 1. S1-2013.

Geometría y álgebra lineal 2. S2-2013

Notas de Cálculo 3-2014