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A uniqueness theorem for twisted groupoid C*-algebras

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Hola, este martes a las 10:00hs tendremos el seminario virtual de Geometría Noconmutativa del Atlántico Sur (GeNoCAS).

En esta oportunidad va a hablar Becky Armstrong (Münster)

Title: A uniqueness theorem for twisted groupoid C*-algebras

Abstract: Twisted groupoid C*-algebras were introduced by Renault in 1980 and are a generalisation of twisted group C*-algebras, which are the C*-algebraic analogue of twisted group rings. Through the work of Renault and more recently of Li, it has emerged that every simple classifiable C*-algebra can be realised as a twisted groupoid C*-algebra, a result that has led to increased interest in the structure of these C*-algebras. In this talk I will describe the construction of reduced twisted C*-algebras of Hausdorff étale groupoids. I will then discuss my recent preprint in which I prove a uniqueness theorem for these algebras and use this to characterise simplicity in the case where the groupoid is effective.

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