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Alexander Knapp - Towards an Institutional Framework for Heterogeneous Formal Development in UML

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The Unified Modeling Language (UML) provides a wealth of sub-languages for specifying and documenting software systems, but only offers a rather weak linkage between these sub-languages through a common abstract syntax and an informal semantical description.  In order to open up the perspective of integrating the UML also in the development of safety-critical systems, we propose a heterogeneous modelling approach that represents the semantics of the several sub-languages in their own, appropriate semantic domain and provides flexible links between the different formalisms.  The approach is based on the algebraic theory of institutions for describing logical theories and institution (co-)morphisms for expressing relationships.  We illustrate the approach by some examples for UML class diagrams, OCL, interactions, and state machines.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Knapp (Universidad de Augsburg, Alemania.